Product & Projects

We create new products to inspire our customers.

For us beauty is transforming new ideas and business models into amazing features for our customers.

This means our teams and product owners are fully responsible for their products. In close collaboration with our international business units we discuss, evaluate, and develop solutions to expand our premium beauty platform.

Our teams are agile, software developing groups of around 10 people. Instead of projects and tasks we assign missions to each team and cluster similar ones. A cluster is an area of our shop that is managed by a product owner and team. Dedicated teams are then responsible for a mission, e.g. programming a new online feature. In Products & Projects, we focus on overall results and measure success by the value created for our customers and business. With this innovative approach we always find the perfect balance between functionality, order of implementation, and delivery time. We focus on quality and ensure there is a credible rationale for each new product. We value honest feedback, are passionate team players and take suggestions to heart. This mentality is THE CODE BEHIND BEAUTY.

Order Management Cluster
We are responsible for handling all incoming baskets, checkout processes and payment transactions (Risk & Fraud, Click & Collect…), and the implementation of customer care tools. Simply said, we cover all aspects to fulfill a customer’s order.
App & Shop Management Cluster
We make sure our content management, cross-channel interfaces, live shopping, retail media, ratings & reviews, and consulting tools work properly. One of our ambitions is to create a signature Beauty App with lock-in effect. Our product owners are constantly pushing to develop new App features adding the extra benefit for our customers.
Assortment Cluster
We show the customer relevant products at the right time to simplify the decision making process. Our product owners work on missions from PIM (Product Information Management), search, marketplace, recommendation, product feeds, up to a final Product Detail Page (PDP) and Product Overview Page (POP).
CRM Cluster
We cover all initiatives to manage, grow, understand and monetize the customer base. We design, develop & operate an eco-system of services to store and
manage CRM data in a fast and secure way.


Portrait of Jan Minor
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Jan Minor // Product Owner


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