Digital & Performance Marketing

Our ads are guaranteed to perform.

For us beauty is SEA, SEO, display advertising and affiliate marketing. We operate off-page, approaching users with spot on offer and convert viewers to customers.

This means we match Douglas Group commercial requirements with digital marketing and ensure Europe wide sales growth – all from our HQ in Düsseldorf.

For us, the right ad is not an opinion, it’s the result of experiences gathered over many years and many markets. User acquisition is happening at all stages of the decision-making process and we run lower, upper, and middle funnel measures. Our always-on campaigns are daily optimized based on best performance. However, the best leverage is neither the budget nor the promo – it’s our team. We all work together to shape Europe’s leading beauty platform. Each team has a state-of-the-art superpower that gives us several competitive advantages: a customized bidding tool, a well-defined audience selection enhanced by the power of our onsite and CRM data and a team dedicated to optimizing the marketing mix.

Organizationally structured in teams like SEA, SEO, affiliate, display, and digital marketing we function as one unit. Knowing that every colleague is carrying a valuable piece of the puzzle we update each other on a regular basis. We are willing to share, test, and learn from each other to achieve best results. In team meetings, we see bright faces and open-minded, motivated personalities – and for us, this dedication is THE CODE BEHIND BEAUTY.

Portrait of Max Melching
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Max Melching // Vice President Online Marketing, Data Intelligence, Retail Media & Marketplace


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