International Payment

We make sure that all payments are processed smoothly.

For us beauty is being the international center of competence for anything payment related.

This means we ensure that Douglas is a reliable partner throughout the complete checkout process and beyond. Our team is proud to take on this important task for Europe’s leading premium beauty platform.

We offer target group orientated payment methods based on continuous market analysis as well as optimization of acceptance rates in all markets. We count on reducing fraud and process complexity to an absolute minimum, with the help of state-of-the-art, machine learning, tools. As a digital unit, we focus on innovation and look at the payment process holistically. We strive for best-in-class throughout the entire process even when things don’t go the intended way. While ensuring stable communication between all accounting systems, we assist customers in the event of an interruption in payment immediately.

When it comes to offering our customers the highest level of convenience, we live our mission #passionforpayment by thinking big – and that is THE CODE BEHIND BEAUTY.

Portrait of Bastian Herr
Portrait of Bastian Herr with glitch 1

Bastian Herr // Senior Project Manager


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